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Description DESCRIPTION • The feedback suppressor SFB-4010, with its four adjustable notch filters, allows suppressing highly unpleasant feedbacks on audio systems. • The whistle occurring in the signal is damped both in its depth and frequency by 4 notch filters. • The system is built into a solid 19? casing (1 RU) and features a LED meter with notch-level (dB) and notch-frequency display. Features Filter-section The filters of the device operate within a range from 60 Hz to 6 kHz with a filter width of 1/6 octave and are able to weaken the feedback signal variably up to -20 dB. FunCtion The feedback suppressor is interposed between the mixing pre-amplifier or mixer and the respective power amplifier. Due to the narrow-banded suppressing of the feedback signal, quality losses in the audio signal are hardly perceivable. The unaltered input signal may be compared to the “filtered” output signal with an IN/OUT switch. POWERSUPPLY The power supply takes place over an IEC power socket or a 24 V DC terminal on the rear side of the device. The power ON/OFF switch is on the front side.